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The Forever Tree (.swf) update: (& source)

Ok, this was a totally accidental project. I was planning on doing a GSkinner style branching tree, and ended up with something kind of cooler.

Here’s an image from the app:

foreverTree image
Click to see it in action

I’m especially happy with the seeded random code, it’s based off of the perlin noise function.

I’ll probably post the source code early next week. But right now it’s time for Team Fortress 2!

Just finished playing, so I can go ahead and post the source. This one is more messy than usual.
Click to Download Source

May 4th, 2008 by Peter Organa
Posted in AS3, Programming

One Response to “The Forever Tree (.swf) update: (& source)”

  1. Anya Says:

    Okay – so far – digging this one the most for sure. Now to add in semi-randomized colours that follow colour-family patterns (to avoid the pitfalls of psychadelia… and a true 80s child spirograph mess). :o)