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Bezier Curves AS3

Ok, so I’m coming down with a serious case of blog guilt. I haven’t posted in… well a while.

First my excuse:

I just finished a big freelance job.  Now that the job is done I can get on to some more exciting stuff!

To warm myself up. I’m posting something I played around with recently. I explored Flash’s fl.motion.BezierSegment class. It’s neat and surprisingly easy to use.

You can see the swf in motion after the break.  I’ve included the source code, enjoy!

Grab the source here

Drag the A,B,C,D points around to change the curve

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July 6th, 2009 by Peter Organa

One Response to “Bezier Curves AS3”

  1. Anya Says:

    omg… you posted!! Awesome – though – I keep losing the controls for the four points – they seem to disappear off the page if I pull them too far…